Neapolitan pizza

Naples, Italian neapolitan pizza will tempt your appetites Neapolitan pizza is so much rage will add to the warmth of the atmosphere of your dining table and family, serve a tasty and delicious dishes to create happiness in the family you grew warmer and pleasant. Making the dish of Neapolitan pizza that not too much trouble, but impact and a tremendous benefit to family harmony. Pizza Napoletana, Neapolitan pizza From the Heart of Naples, Italy. In early 997, the word "pizza" was used in the 16th century Naples to refer Galette flatbread. Then the Italians will cover the bread with olive oil, cheese and tomato, so pizza we all know and love today. Until the 1830s, many Italians enjoy their pizza from the open air stands and street vendors. After the 1830s, the pizza began to appear throughout Italy, where family and friends can come together and enjoy delicious Pizza Napoletana. In the 1880s Pizza Margherita was invented by Neapolitan chef, Raffaele Esposito, in honor of the Queen consort of Italy, Margherita of savory. The "Pizza Margherita" including tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and basil, to represent the colors of the Italian flag. Currently, the Pizza Margherita is one, the most popular pizza in Naples and is recognized worldwide. The True Neapolitan Pizza Association, or "Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana", founded in 1984, has a certain set of parameters that one must follow to make authentic Neapolitan Pizza. Neapolitan Pizza is a type of bread round, flat baking in the oven and usually covered with tomato sauce and cheese with other food additive that can be selected. Usually mozzarella cheese is used or "cheese pizza" This type of other materials can also be placed on a pizza, usually meat and sauces, such as salami and pepperoni, ham, bacon, fruit such as pineapple and olives, vegetables like chilli and peppers, and onions bombay, fungi and others.


Italian dish that can be matched with softdrinks the Lasagna Lasagna or Lasagne is pasta baked in the oven and the traditional Italian food. Lasagna itself is literally containing meat lasagne. Lasagna itself can be filled with many other fields such as meat, vegetables, chicken, seafood and so on according to taste. Lasagna skin made from wheat flour dough after being given field, then baked until cooked. In the manufacture of lasagna, then in fact there are 4 sections which you should prepare. Sound 'complicated' and tiring but actually everything is very simple. Even Sintya which assist the chopper and chop seasoning recognize how easy it is to make foods that are expensive in this restaurant. The four parts are boiled pasta sheets, meat sauce, white sauce and grated cheese. For pasta, you can use instant pasta without boiling or later must be boiled first. My advice, even if you use intant without boiled pasta sheets, fixed briefly boil until half soft or until al dente, because sometimes instant pasta is still hard though it was baked. By boiling briefly made pasta has become softer when lasagna. For the meat sauce I used for Lasagna - I was actually very tempted to make a vegetarian version of lasagna with whole wheat pasta are certainly more healthy, but it seems in the next project I will just make happen - I use minced beef. If you have a chopper or a meat grinder or food processor or blender can chop up the meat well then my advice buy unusual cuts of meat and minced own in-house to produce minced meat with better quality. Sometimes we do not know the quality of the meat as if mixed together in a pile of minced meat sold in supermarkets, unless of course you see with their own eyes when the merchant meggiling the meat. I chose the top side meat lean and grind with a chopper Phillips, within 2 minutes of fresh minced meat was prepared.